Overview: A Problem and a Solution

The Problem | 75% of Change Projects Fail to Meet Their Objectives

Outdated Models + Insufficient Preparation = Ineffective Action

As a healthcare leader, you cannot look anywhere today without confronting the need for transformation. Strategic initiatives of every type require fundamental changes in the way people work together. For-profit, non- profit and public sector organizations alike need to unleash the full wisdom, creativity and initiative of their workforces as they address such complex issues as:

• Strengthening collaboration across disciplines for clinical care, inter-professional education and translational research
• Improving patient engagement, service experience and outcomes
• Patient-centered Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations
• Mergers, service line integration and other reorganizations
• Workforce burnout
• Improving access and addressing disparities

Yet most healthcare leaders find themselves thrust into change leadership roles without adequate preparation to deal with the interpersonal and behavioral aspects of leading change that are so crucial to their success. Few business programs address the topic in sufficient depth; skilled role models are rare. Moreover, without anyone realizing it, nearly all change projects are guided by an outdated and psychologically simplistic model – Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management, published more than 100 years ago. The top-down redesign and re-education initiatives it engenders fail to harness the wisdom of front-line workers or win their commitment. Workers are further antagonized when the floundering of these ill-conceived change programs is attributed disparagingly to their “resistance.” All this leads to ineffective action, widespread cynicism and tremendous waste.


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The Solution | Leading Organizations to Health

Sophisticated New Theories and Methods of Individual and Organizational Change

Leading Organizations to Health offers a solution to this dilemma. For the past ten years LOH has been successfully teaching a unique and remarkably effective approach to organizational change to an international community of leaders who have gone on to achieve transformational results. Developed over our combined 50 years of consulting and executive leadership, this approach integrates theories, methods and practices from adaptive leadership, complexity, positive psychology, Relational Coordination, adult development and Relationship-centered Care.

Intended for senior and midlevel healthcare leaders and consultants, LOH combines elements of an advanced leadership seminar, executive coaching, a personal retreat, a learning laboratory, and a 10-month consultation on organizational change. Over the course of four extended weekend retreats at a Rocky Mountain guest ranch and monthly peer-coaching conference calls, you will be part of a trustworthy learning community in which you will

•  Learn practical, powerful and psychologically sophisticated theories of individual and organizational behavior that will help you make sense of what’s happening in your organization and take effective action;

•  Develop high level communication and group facilitation skills that will help you energize teams, set clear expectations, address challenging behaviors, resolve conflict and maintain accountability

•  Pursue reflective self-exploration and personal renewal to help you engage in your leadership role from a deep sense of integrity and authenticity, and to align your work with your personal sense of purpose.



The work of organizational change is too hard, too important and too expensive in terms of time, money and emotion to approach without adequate preparation. Leading Organizations to Health will help you gain the knowledge, skills and presence you need to “be the change” and to lead effectively.

There IS a better way and LOH is eager to take you there.


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