LOH Principles in Action

We’ve included some great examples of the effectiveness of LOH in action. Read excerpts and full articles here.

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A Relationship-centered Hospital. Excerpt from Chapter 6: Clarian West Medical Center – Creating a Sanctuary of Healing in Suchman A, Sluyter D, and Williamson, P.  Leading Organizations to Health: Transforming Healthcare Organizations with Methods from Complexity, Positive Psychology and Relationship-Centered Care

SYNOPSIS:  “Clarian West Medical Center in Avon, Indiana opened in December 2004.
From the very start, its owners and administrative leaders were intent on building not just a hospital but a healing culture.   Their vision of clinical excellence and their business plan
were based on the idea of creating a “Healing Sanctuary” combining the practice of
Relationship-centered Care with the best traditions of patient safety, knowledge-based
care and continuous quality improvement to achieve outstanding organizational results.
This chapter describes a relationship-centered approach to the hiring, orientation and
ongoing management of a new hospital staff.   Hospital performance measures over the
first two years showed consistently high levels of quality, safety, satisfaction (both
patient and staff) and financial performance, validating the effectiveness of relationship-
centered administration and a hospital strategy based on Relationship-centered Care.”

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The relational foundation of the Choosing Wisely campaign.  Qote from Daniel Wolfson’s blog on the ABIM Foundation’s website about this historic initiative to engage medical speciality societies in identifying and reducing overuse.

“Through the campaign, we hope to change the tenor and nature of the conversation about waste and unnecessary care that adds no value to patients and is costly to communities and the nation. These conversations can only be productive when all stakeholders come together with respect for the same goal and for each other.”

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A case study in 0rganizational culture change. Enhancing the Informal Curriculum of a Medical School http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2517875/


Fostering transformative change at the Association of American Medical Colleges.  Foreword in Suchman A, Sluyter D, and Williamson P. Leading Change in Healthcare: Transforming Organizations with Complexity, Positive Psychology and Relationship-centered Care.  Abingdon, UK: Radcliffe Publishing, 2011

by Carol Aschenbrener, MD

“Legend has it that Pearl Bailey – famed entertainer, humanitarian and former US Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations – when asked to speak at a gala dinner about the secret of her remarkable life rose to the dais and said, “Life is so daily.” Then she returned to her seat.
“Life is so daily and so is the path to any meaningful change.”

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