Participant Reviews

“This has been an amazing experience and I have grown professionally                                                                 more than I dreamed possible.”

“As a serious student of organizational change for two decades, I was dubious about learning anything new. Was I wrong! Over four long weekends at Colorado dude ranch, we spent mornings discussing theories and afternoons practicing skills… We returned [to work] with a deeper understanding of the importance of the conversations and relationship-building that are essential to organizational transformation and an array of tactics to engage staff. And it is working.”

“What was most helpful was the applicability of taking the                                                                                       concepts and skills and then putting them into practice                                                                                             to address real-life challenges in our workplaces. It allowed for                                                                             high level synthesis and integration of the lessons learned.”

“I have been in a leadership position at my medical center for over 20 years,                                                        and I had begun to accept that I couldn’t change how we relate to each other                                                  in this very challenging environment.  Through my participation in LOH, I have                                             been able to implement significant positive changes in the culture of our institution.                                           I have been amazed with how responsive and enthused my colleagues are.                                                      LOH has made my leadership work that much more rewarding.”

“I appreciate how you gave us the work in well-meaning ways and let us sit with the tensions and anxiety we were all feeling early on without wanting to fix it or be relentlessly helpful.”

“Everything has improved—outcomes on any level you want to measure: safety measurements, patient satisfaction scores, building trust and mutual respect scores across the board and employee satisfaction scores, to the point where we’ve hit the top on some of the metrics.”

“The larger group sessions, the one-on-one work, the small groups,                                                                    and the coaching groups all provide their own unique experiences                                                                       and are amazing when combined together.”

“It’s clear that Tony’s and Diane’s hearts and souls are immersed                                                                           in this program, which is a gift. This, combined with their vast experience                                                       and insight, is really what takes it to the next level.”

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